A friendly smile can get you far in life

Your Smile

Is one of the most important elements of your appearance. How you feel about your smile can have a huge impact on your confidence. A friendly smile can get you far in life, but if you’re scared to show it, it could affect you more than you know.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation gives you the comfort you need in your mouth, reducing pain and discomfort you might experience in your jaw, face or even your neck and shoulders. It can involve addressing nerve issues that lead to problems as far as your fingers, as well as muscular issues.

Neuromuscular Dentistry

If the jaw is misaligned, it can cause a range of issues, including discomfort and pain. It might lead to grinding teeth and a clicking or popping jaw, among other things. Dr. Delafraz can measure the position of your jaw and reposition it to put it into a more comfortable and natural position.

A new smile

It can give you your confidence back and help you feel happier on a daily basis.


Cosmetic Treatment

Your smile makeover also includes improving the look of your teeth. Dr. Delafraz can give you a full set of crowns, as well as other cosmetic treatments, such as veneers. These treatments will:

  • Improve the look of your teeth and protect them.
  • Make it more comfortable to do things like chew and talk.
  • They will help your teeth to line up more comfortably, especially after your jaw has been realigned.

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